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How to reduce your water bills

Saving money on your water bills can also help the environment so here are 5 great tips.

1. Install a water meter - this will help you monitor your water usage and cut down.

2. Fix any dripping taps - leaks and drips can waste an enormous amount of water every year and if you are on a meter this could prove to be costly.

3. Use the show instead of the bath - the bath uses around 80 litres of water whereas a shower will use on average 50 litres, so that's a great saving.

4. Cut down on toilet flushing - flush only when you need to. Urine can sit in the bowl for a few hours so its ok to leave for the next flush.

5. Use a dishwasher - energy efficient for a family they generally use less water than filling up washing up bowls, so you save on water and the hard work of washing up!


. install a water mnet