Bathroom Trends for 2022

bathroom with plants

Bathroom for the autumn of 2022 and set to continue trends seen in recent years, especially post pandemic. This is what we are seeing:

Wellbeing and eco design

Many people are opting for greenery in their bathroom through the use of plants and warm earthy and neutral tones that reflect nature. Greys, stone, off-white and light browns are definitely in as people look to bring the outdoors in and relax in a calming environment that promotes a sense of harmony and wellbeing.


Yes, it’s making a comeback as holidays return and people are looking to bring a little Mediterranean into their homes. A natural material, it is eco-friendly and is great for floor tiling when combined with whites, blues and natural tones.

Split level bathrooms

Creating a split-level bathroom is possible in most bathroom spaces and people are loving them! Raising the bath on a platform with a shower screen is the most popular and a handy way to hide pipework whilst the zoning creates a sense of spaciousness and luxury.