How to choose bathroom tiles


Bathroom tiles are often a matter of taste, however there are other considerations. Here are some practicalities and considerations.

  1. Colour scheme – if you want to redecorate in a few years time then choosing bright red tiles might not the best idea. Often white or neutral coloured tiles with a splash of colour on the walls or accessories works best, so if you decide on a change of colour scheme it’s less costly to do.
  2. Cleaning – yes, it is definitely worth considering. Glass tiles are very easy to clean as is porcelain, vinyl and natural stone. Lino, hardwood and laminate tiles for flooring however may not be best for bathrooms as they can stain, be harder to maintain and unless specifically treated may not be suited to wet environments. You might also want to consider the colour of your grout – choose carefully so that it doesn’t discolour and if you hate cleaning, consider a dark grout colour!
  3. Anti slip – when you choose floor tiles get some samples and try them out. Not all tiles that claim to be anti-slip are, and some will give you more traction than others, especially important if you have young children or elderly people in the house.
  4. Budget – high-end tiles come at a premium, and budget needs to be carefully considered. If budget is a concern then a feature wall or splash back may help save costs. On the other hand, if money isn’t a concern, then there are some spectacular tile options and for the ultimate in luxury, you could even opt for marble.