Small Bathroom Ideas


Here are three great ideas for maximising the space in a small bathroom:

  1. Ladder Radiator

    A ladder radiator is a great way to save space, keeping your towels warm and easily within arms reach when you’re hopping out of the bath or shower. A straight ladder design often works best in a small bathroom as it doesn’t stick out as much as a traditional radiation or curved design. It is also smaller in width and can be located neatly on the wall, at a height that is convenient for you.
  2. Shower enclosure

    A shower enclosure is replacing baths in many bathrooms and is great when the space is small. A popular choice is a curved unit that can save space and fit neatly into the corner.
  3. Corner Toilet

    Corner toilets are not common but can be great when space is at a premium and you can create more leg room and comfort. Making good use of the corners of your bathroom frees up space for additional bathroom fixtures.